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Ridgeway Walk
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Ivinghoe Beacon to Wendover - 22nd June 2003 - 11.5 miles

Departed from Ivinghoe Beacon at 11.10am. A sunny day, very warm and humid. Everyone in good spirits and very optimistic. Unanimously decided beforehand not to spend time drinking beer in pubs on the journey so we carried plenty of water and food. Lesley found a small piece of fossilised antler within 10 minutes of starting the walk and spotted and photographed a Burnet Moth shortly afterwards. The water in Pitstone Quarry was a beautiful green as we looked down on it from the hills above. Unanimously decided to pop into the hotel at Tring Station for JUST a glass of lemonade as we passed through. Hotel closed for refurbishment. Damn! Abandoned idea of not entering pubs as we passed by Wigginton and popped in to the Greyhound for a shandy. Tried unsuccessfully to covertly consume sandwiches in pub garden - building surrounded by cctv cameras. Thirst quenched but now starving hungry we paused in wooded area shortly after leaving village to consume snacks, ignoring signs in wood warning of vermin poisoning. Set a brisk pace to Wendover, passing through never-ending woodland, teeming with rustling wildlife. Richard complained that his b****cks were aching, Gloria had one sore foot and Michael moaned about the weight of his rucksack for most of the journey but we survived our five hour walk and look forward to the next stage.