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Wendover to Chinnor - 29th June 2003 - 11.5 miles

Another very hot day. Left Wendover at 10am for the long trek up Coombe Hill (257 metres asl). Breathless, we paused at the Boer War Monument Received by now familiar 'invasion of privacy' lecture from Richard as we were caught briefly on some of the many cctv cameras surrounding PM's country mansion, Chequers Onwards, through air-conditioned beech woods, to Whiteleaf Cross for another brief rest Looked down on Princes Risborough then descended into the town for light refreshments in the Black Prince. Richard took advantage of Team Leader's visit to toilet to order a pint of bitter. Following brief tongue-lashing, black mark entered into TL's report book.Temperature now so high insects abandon all decency and start mating in front of Lesley's camera. Hot-sandwich lunch, washed down with warm water, enjoyed in meadow between two railway lines as pilot of noisy, circling helicopter struggled with controls. Whilst crossing golf course R & M spotted small lake with huge carp and baby moorhens and stopped to investigate. Lesley and Team Leader, unfortunately carrying camera, carried on for further half mile, deep in conversation and blissfully unaware of missing companions. Climbing Lodge Hill, Lesley spotted pyramidal orchid while Gloria unconvincingly demonstrated personal theory that steep hills are not a problem if you lean backwards and pretend you're on level ground. Minutes later, descending other side of Lodge Hill, Gloria spotted clusters of cinnabar moth caterpillars ravaging ragworts, thereby erasing fellow walkers' doubts about her sanity. Approaching 4pm, we 4 approached Chinnor in time to watch 4 o'clock steam train departing. We'd had enough 4 one day.