Christopher Connolly's Photographic Tour

The photographs and details have been supplied by Michael's 3rd cousin, Christopher Connolly. Christopher lives in Chesterfield, Derbyshire and is a great grandson of Michael Connolly (1853-1921).

Back Street South, New Whittington © 2008 Christopher Connolly Back Street South

This was the early marital home in New Whittington of Sam and Kate Hall. Laurence was born at No 9. The houses stood to the right where the sheltered bungalows stand today. London Street School is in the background.


Springwell and Unstone War Memorial

There were no road markings at this crossroads in August 1934. Albert Bradshaw on his way home to Hundal after a Saturday morning's work, was killed instantly when his motorbike collided with car heading towards Mosborough. Albert's wife Blanche had lost her fiance Billy Andrews in the First World War, which Albert had survived but only after losing an eye on the Somme. His inability to see to his left was almost certainly a cause of Albert's fatal accident which left Blanche a widow whilst still in the early months of pregnancy with her third child, Fred. The shed in the background of this picture stands on the site of Springwell Cottages, home of the large Hall family.
Springwell © 2008 Christopher Connolly

Unstone War Memorial © 2008 Christopher Connolly
11 Hollis Lane © 2008 Christopher Connolly
11 Hollis Lane

Michael and Alice's daughter Sarah Hoskin brought up three daughters from her marriage to Ernest here at 11 Hollis Lane.


Sunnyside, Barker Lane

This wall looks familiar. It's 49 Sunnyside, Barker Lane, where John Thomas Connolley and Ellen Ann raised their many children.
Sunnyside, Barker Lane, Cheterfield © 2008 Christopher Connolly

Cobden Road, Chesterfield © 2008 Christopher Connolly
Cobden Road

Who is that person on the right of this view of Cobden Road? Our house is here somewhere but more easy to spot with the red door is number 6, where John Connolley worked for the cobbler whose passion for the lady of the Shakespeare Inn led to his downfall.

St Marie's Church, Widnes

Thomas Mullarkey and Mary Connolly were married here on the 14th May 1878.

St Marie's Church, Widnes © 2008 Lesley Close

Brown Street, Widnes © 2008 Christopher Connolly

Brown Street, Widnes

Following the wedding, Thomas and Mary lived here on Brown Street. The houses were on the left-hand side of the road and the Golden Bowl Inn was on the corner to the right.
Mersey View, Widnes

Thomas had previously lived on this road, known then as Mersey View, although when ICI moved in and built their chemical plant the view of the Mersey disappeared and the road's name was changed to Moss Bank Road. The village of Moss Bank is now entirely industrial but used to be home to a large part of Widnes's Irish community including the Mullarkeys, their cousins the Caulfields, and the Griffins.
Mersey View, Widnes © 2008 Christopher Connolly

Every picture in the trail was taken by someone whose surname begins with a C. All the ones with the tops of buildings missing (including the Crooked Spire) were taken by me! The better quality ones are by Chrissie, Greg and Jonny or by Michael and Lesley, who provided the picture of St Marie's Church in Widnes.

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