Christopher Connolly's Photographic Tour

The photographs and details have been supplied by Michael's 3rd cousin, Christopher Connolly. Christopher lives in Chesterfield, Derbyshire and is a great grandson of Michael Connolly (1853-1921).

Hawley Croft front view © 2008 Christopher Connolly Hawley Croft

Within a quarter of a mile of Sheffield City Centre, surrounded by modern glass buildings, is this lovely tenement block. This is Hawley Croft, where Sarah Lavender, wife of brewer's drayman John, gave birth to her daughter Alice on 1st March 1859.
Hawley Croft

Another view of Hawley Croft, this time from inside the entry.
Hawley Croft rear view © 2008 Christopher Connolly
Eyre Street, Chesterfield © 2008 Christopher Connolly

Eyre Street

This sad sight is all that remains of Eyre Street. The rest of it disappeared under the bypass which was built, ironically largely by Irish labourers, twenty years ago. Michael Connolly died at his home , 28 Eyre Street, in 1921 but Alice lived there with her daughter Sarah and son-in-law Ernest Hoskin until moving to a new home at 11 Hollis Lane. The Cravens then moved into number 28, with Martin Craven senior and his wife Mary Ellen (daughter of Stephen) running a sweet shop at number 30. To the right, at the back of the Derbyshire Times building, is Mill Street, which in 1871 was home to the Noakley family, including the young Annie (Honora or Honour) who would marry Stephen Connolley and have ten children of her own.


Handley Road

This is 109 Handley Road, New Whittington where I was born on the 12th of the 12th . In 1956 there was no porch on the front door and no satellite dish. I can't say that I find either of these two innovations add anything to the house's charm
Handley Road, New Whittington © 2008 Christopher Connolly

Albert Street, Chesterfield © 2008 Christopher Connolly
Albert Street

Albert Street stood where the Newland Dale flats can be seen, at the bottom of Higher Albert Street. A lot of Connollys lived here although I'm not sure how many of them were relatives of ours. In 1899 Annie and Stephen Connolley's youngest daughter Winifred was born at No 5 and died at No 30.

Catherine Street

Ellen Renshaw and Albert Robinson lived in this house at 19 Catherine Street.

Catherine Street, Chesterfield © 2008 Christopher Connolly

Shakespeare's Yard, Chesterfield © 2008 Christopher Connolly

Shakespeare's Yard

In the 1970s every house, shop, pub and workshop in this area between Holywell Street and Saltergate disappeared in order to create a car park. The Connolley family's home on Shakespeare's Yard would have been in the middle of this empty space, and the entrance to the yard was probably opposite the old post office, on the left.

20 Sunny Springs

The green kitchen door (left) is at 20 Sunny Springs, where Stephen Connolley lived in his later years.

20 Sunny Springs, Chesterfield © 2008 Christopher Connolly
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