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A Life Without Dogs - John Close and sister, Margaret in Twyford, Buckinghamshire
John Close 1947 - 2003
This site records and celebrates his life and his music.

John Close was born in London in 1947.

In March 2001 he was diagnosed with motor neurone disease.

Prior to developing MND John was very fit and healthy and had enjoyed cycling and running for many years. He was also a talented musician and songwriter and lived in Milton Keynes.

During 2002 his condition slowly deteriorated and by February 2003 he felt the quality of his life was so poor that he contacted Dignitas in Switzerland and asked them to help him die.

John died, age 55, in Zurich on 26th May 2003.
John Close and sister, Lesley, at Swiss Cottage One Day at a Time with MND
John's daily struggle with the effects of motor neurone disease, his farewell party and the painful five hundred mile journey to Dignitas in Switzerland to end his life.

Lesley's New Book
During the painful journey John took to end his life at the Dignitas clinic in 2003 Lesley promised her brother she would work to change the law so that other terminally ill people would be able to die peacefully in the UK. She is a patron of the campaigning organisation Dignity in Dying and has made many appearances in television and radio programmes, as well as in debates, to tell John's story.

In this new book, Assisted Dying: Who Makes the Final Decision?, published in March 2014, Lesley and co-editor Jo Cartwright explore the need for a change in the law to allow terminally ill, mentally competent adults who have expressed a settled wish to die to ask for an assisted death.
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Assisted Dying: Who Makes the Final Decision?
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John Close and sister, Lesley in 2002 Star on the Horizon
Recorded at his birthday party in 2002, John and his sister, Lesley, play guitar and his friends join in, singing one of his most popular songs.
John Close and his band The Streets in 1983
To Be Young
In this video from 1983 John is seen fronting his band, The Streets. They performed both John's original material and cover versions in and around Milton Keynes between 1982 and 1985.
John's Final Journey

An e-biography published to mark the tenth anniversary of John Close’s assisted death at Dignitas on 26th May 2003.

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