John Close - images / video

John, age 1 - early (slow) moving images of John from 1948 (1.85Mb .avi)

John & Lesley Fool on Coombe Hill - unedited Super 8 film from 1975 (2.70Mb .avi)

John & Michael Play Football - unedited Super 8 film from 1975 (1Mb .avi)

John's Webcam/Torch Experiment on 3rd November 2001 384k .wmv (2.6Mb) or 384k .rm (2.5Mb)

John's Birthday Party in September 2002 (Film clip courtesy of Mary & Steve Johnson) .wmv (9.9Mb) or .rm (10.5Mb) << new <<

John's Last Day - Walk in the rain sequence 384k .rm (4.25Mb) or 384k .wmv (3.25Mb) or 56k .rm (338Kb)

Farewell Party at Willen Lake - Star on the Horizon singalong (extract) 384k .wmv (1.57Mb) or 56k .wmv (264Kb)

Farewell Party at Willen Lake - John releasing balloons sequence 384k .wmv (2.5Mb) or 56k .wmv (435Kb)

Farewell Party at Willen Lake - Peggy reads John's poem 'One Day' 384k .wmv (8.5Mb) or 56k .wmv (1.3Mb - poor sound quality)
If Only God Would Shine His Light On Me - video with John's music and Marge's lyrics/vocals 384k .wmv (12.6 Mb)

One Day at a Time with MND - This 47 minute film was made for Anna Kent RGN, the physical disability clinical specialist
who worked with John, for a study day she organised in February 2006. She asked us to make the film, a brief view of the problems John encountered, as part of her drive to promote a better understanding of MND and to improve education about the disease. Real media - 384k .rm (152 Mb) or Windows media - 384k Mb .wmv (114 Mb)

The End of the Day - Lesley, Margaret and Peggy record their feelings about John's death in Zurich 512k .rm (12.7Mb)

The Bow Belles (Lesley, Margaret & Peggy) singing Fell Off The Back Of A Lorry at the John Close Songbook evening,
30th November 2003 in Stony Stratford (Film clip courtesy of Richard Haynes) - 56k .rm (1.32Mb) or 384k .rm (7.5Mb)