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the long-awaited, disabled persons flat

Email to ******** (Chiltern Hundreds Housing Association)
Subject: 19 Ladymeadow Court

25th November 2002

When is the work going to be done on my flat? I have been here two months and all I get is empty promises fom the builder saying he could do this and that but he needs you say-so. The only word from you was whether I had seen the builder!
Because of the work not being done on the flat's front door I am unable to go out at all on my own because I cannot lock the door, and have to live and sleep with the door unlocked. Since I am severely disabled if anyone were to come in I would scarcely be able to stop them from doing anything or taking anything. If my OT worker and social worker have not made you aware of these facts before you have them now. Chiltern are being socially irresponsible.

John Close.

Email from ********@CHHA.CO.UK
To: John Close
Sent: Wednesday, November 27, 2002 11:26 AM
Subject: RE: 19 Ladymeadow Court

Morning John

Sorry I have not been in touch, but I have been trying to find out who should be completing the work that you need.
I have spoken to the Builders today regarding the outstanding work, they will be meeting with our surveyor to work on getting these jobs done.

I have been told by the site manager that the following can be done asap

the lowering of the spyhole and chain
lowering the clothes hooks in hall and bathroom
lowering the shaving light; and reducing the pressure on the hot tap in the kitchen.

The other issues have to be discussed with our surveyor and as soon as I have an answer, I will be back in touch with you.
Sorry for the delay


From: John Close
Sent: 28 November 2002 03:02
To: ********
Subject: Re: 19 Ladymeadow Court

How about the landlord being responsible for finishing the flat? Isn't it that simple? You own this flat, you let it to me as a flat for a disabled person, clearly the job was only half done and it's Chiltern's responsibility to do this work that should have been done before I moved in?

What were you doing while I was waiting six months for the flat? Let me guess - you were in dispute with the builders, and you still are. So you both pass the buck to and fro and the only people who like it are the legal people and the only people who suffer are tenants like me. It's a disgrace.

John Close.