John Close - life / outro

the long-awaited, disabled persons flat

Email to Michael

29th September 2002

As discussed today: See what you and Lesley think. We've given Chilterns a lot of slack in the last five months. Time to realize that they don't give a monkeys, or are an organization that requires a boot up the arse in order to get them to do anything.

This an outline that needs working up into the basis for a website with the pictures:

After being promised a flat on April 17th this year, John Close had to wait until late September, over five months, in order to take over the tenancy. He was told at one stage by a social worker that there had been a dispute between the builders and the housing asociation.

When he got into his flat he discovered the probable cause of the row that the flat had only been half fitted out for use by a disabled person, and the row had probably been about who was responsible and who was going to pay for the alterations.

At the moment the only obvious loser is John, whose motor neurone disease has left him more disabled than ever while he has been an unhappy resident at a nursing home miles away from friends in Leighton Buzzard. His life expectancy is possibly two-three years and five months is a decent percentage of that period. His health and life expectancy have not been enhanced by putting his life on hold whilst in the home, nor by the negligent attitude of the builders and-or housing association.

The ha agent for the area cannot be contacted and works from home. The housing association office is generally hostile and most calls go to ansafones but they rarely return calls.

The builders are long since gone and it is not their responsibility now anyway.