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21st October 2002

Here's the new tunes. I think they are both a bit like "sometimes" but they are still ok. "Sometimes" has now become "Truth Is" and some words, as well as a renamed midi, are also attached. Too much music, perhaps!

When I installed the full suite of programs on the Audigy cd I found I had not one extra synth, but three! This means I now have two synths on the original (now silent) card, three on the Audigy, two software synths from Roland and Wingroove, as well as Reality with all those amazing noises! Too many synths, perhaps |-)

Caught in a trap, no turning back, we're lost in music, hey hey,

Truth is

Sometimes I want to move away
And see things far beyond today
I could pack up and leave right now
Truth is, I really don't know how

Sometimes it's good to sit and dream
Look out and think how it could be
I still come back to what is real
Truth is, i just don't have that will

on good days
I give in to my heart
It takes charge and i start to feel good again
And when I'm back far enough from the mirror
I know how some things really are for me
Sometimes I think i'm my greatest friend
at least i don't go away
but to tell the truth
i wonder why i stay

Sometimes I want to take that plane
To be that high and not insane
I can look up but not for long
Truth is, I don't like moving on...

©2002 John Close 10/16/2002