John Close - music / midi
crossing the water / when i gave - © John Close 2003

Email to Marge McKinnis

10th February 2003

Hi Marge,
Here's "When I gave" without the lead. Also a new tune [crossing the water]. I don't anticipate doing much composing from now on but whatever i do i'll send you, you can be sure.
At the moment I am listening to any old thing i fancy and trying to generally calm myself. I cannot compose in the way i did last November, when i wrote the tunes for "No Door" mostly from scratch, and I don't want to just turn out hack work to prove i can.
If I can set any of your words, I will do so, but it's not so easy for me now. I am having to let go rather than take on. That's where life is leading me, and I'm not a fighter, just attempting, as before, compromise.