John Close - music / midi
everymoon - © John Close & Dee Black 2002

Email to Michael

7th March 2002

My experience of being disabled, not going to work and doing just what I damn well please is that it's wonderful! The down side is having MND, but hey, is life ever perfect?

Dee Black has sent me another lyric. I spent some time on the melody and the arrangement, hope you like it. Her lyric was pretty easy to sort out, I like that, hate fiddling around with other people's work. Marge's work doesn't often need editing in order to set.




swim around me
seen all your faces
and you've seen mine (x2)
swim around me
thru all of your phases
each one evernew (x2)

welcome back, u made it
tiny little tidbit
there u are
winkin with that first star

in the cold of winter
tiny silver sliver
barely there
danglin in the frosty air

half moon pulled by night's breeze
lower down than the trees
u glow gold
like a shiny yellow bowl

mornin skies of light blue
friend i can still see u
just a hint
blurry faint white fingerprint


completely full and round
laughin burstin so proud
oh so loud
i can hear your joyful sound

bubble made of fire
floatin higher and higher
like a sun
as if the day has just begun

now you're playin hide and seek
gotcha gotcha saw ya peek
behind clouds
i can fina ya anyhow

flashin like a strobe light
beamin in/out of sight
like morse code
sayin hi to me i know


©2002 music John Close/ lyrics Dee Black