John Close - music / midi
green eyes - © John Close 2002

I'm more or less a little bit
in love with you
I was when I thought
your eyes were blue
Then I dug a little deeper
into your gaze
and my heart went crazy and my eyes were glazed

The trees have leaves
that seem to understand
the springtime in woman
and the autumn in man
explorers wade thru jungles
to the ends of the earth
but they'll never find a truth
more than this is worth

Green eyes are cool
but they almost stopped my heart from beating
Green eyes make me a fool
and Lord Knows now that really is a new thing
Green eyes are swift
they reach out and grab my soul
Green eyes they show
the royal road to heaven or some place that's down below...

A four-leaf clover
makes a clover field
an acre of park
makes the city more real
one kiss from you
and my heart beats wild
as the color of the ocean
dances in your eyes

gypsies look at cards
and divine what is to be
the hanging man suspended
from the apple tree
from pool hall tables
to a single leaf
is one true colour
beyond doubt or belief

You're part of every rainbow
you blend truth with fantasy
where the woods are deepest
you shine one beam through to me

©John Close, 26 July 2002