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heat - © John Close 2002

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18th August 2002

I did have a good day, as it happens. I wrote a couple of songs based on lyrics I was working at in your car! Here's the better one of the two, simply called "Heat". This is probably as near to Steely Dan as I'm ever likely to get, but it still isn't!

Give my sympathies to Gloria. Running injuries? I've broken every bone in my body. Don't talk to me about running injuries etc.



The paint peels off the window sill
the day outside is very still
the cat has found a place to chill
somewhere to hide
Some agent in a Lexus car
has just arrived to drain the bar
and deal with some old gangland czar
their palais glide

move on to where the garden
lies deeply flowered and hardened
and listen to the old ones
on the sixties radio
the temperature is fixed above
the point of where we seek to love
this dark libido has enough
to roll and go

coming from the floor
i know it's only heat
but i can't stand it anymore
a cooling breeze that lived and died
only a second in the wild
was born before the youngest child I knew
in heat

Dark angels come to follow me
below the stars, above the sea
i can't hope they will set me free
sans raison
the prison needs a prisoner
the sky needs birds to fly up there
so they can prove their case
for continuing

skies come and go, the blue and grey
and sunsets come to end the day
the daybreak takes the night away
as memories are made and fade
this one comes from a single day
when others pale into the grey
for now

coming from the fields
here comes all this heat
this crop is at top yield
the only flower i'd ever known
went back to living on her own
after she turned my heart to stone alone
in heat

where schemes are done and dusted
you know it's the heat
where bob de Niro's busted
where alien intelligence
gives up the last hopes of pretence
and hides away in darkness fit for dying in
in the heat

©2002 John Close August 2002