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if i knew - © John Close & Jessiediva 2002

Email to Lesley

1st January 2002

I now have four lyricists! Another one, jessiediva, sent me a lyric today. A very innocent pop song called "If I Knew". It's attached. I know nothing of her at all except that she must have seen one of my postings and contacted me. Whether any of these people will last is another matter. I think I'll hold off on another selling campaign for a while and see what happens with the current mob. All females, naturally. Marge is the oldest, Veronica is 24 and lives in Brooklyn, Jarrah is 18 and Jessiediva is 17. We seem to be getting dangerously near the age where they need to ask their parents if they can send their lyrics to some dodgy old geezer in Europe... My thinking about lyrics is battered and bruised by too much experience, disease, booze and Bob Dylan...

Maurice Ravel (he was a composer, too, you know)

if i knew

i'd love to live a million lives
do a million things
if i knew that it would make you happy
truely make you sing

i'd love to see lot's of places
travel to afar
if i knew that it would make you happy
i'd go to the stars


tell me all the things to do
all the things to say
show me what it is you want
what you need eachday
'cuz if i could make you happy
THEN i want to know
'CUZ if it would make you happy
please let it show

I'd love to live forever
watch the world go by
if i knew that it would make you happy
never make you cry

i'd love to speak every language
talk to every man
if i knew that it would make you happy
i'd do it if i can


©2002 John Close music/ Jessiediva lyrics