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if only god would shine his light on me - © John Close 2002

"Conversation" with Michael

10th November 2002

I was working on this until around 3 when I started having really naff choking attacks with blood coming out. So I packed up but I couldn't sleep for at least two-3 hours.

nice tune?

i got the idea from a rap album i started listening to yesterday. The guy, Jah Rule, says in his intro "If Only God Would Shine His Light On Me". i thought that had a nice metrical feel to it.
needs a bit of work. I want to throw in one bubbly arpeggio somewhere.

I thought "If Only" should just have a gospel choir feel to it. Small problems. Drums too loud. Piano lead not loud enough. More variety in backing.

This will be the Xmas hit of 1982.