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lonely was the night / honesty - © John Close 2002

Email to Lesley

7th November 2002

At 1 a.m. last night I was inspired to write this monster Euro and worked on it today. The backing is mostly Band In A Box, I'd been saving the "Berlin" style for a good tune, I think this is it! The chorus ensures it will be a hit at Xmas (Xmas 1985, that is). Watch out for the slow counterpoint strings, they will break your heart! I'll probably remix this and double them at the end. And one more arpeggio instrument? Why not...

Pete and Di and me did some X*** shopping today. I played them this Disco Desperation number and showed Pete how to use BB and do a drum roll in Cakewalk and he got quite keen on doing some stuff with his guitar and me. We shall see.

Also attached, a small but worthwhile remix of "Honesty". The long break before the repeated choruses makes better sense now.