John Close - music / midi
straight lines - © John Close 2002

I can't think in straight lines anymore
she's got my head and nailed it to the floor
I used to think I knew the game
but since she came, the rules have changed
i can't think...

All the best lines have been said and done
except for that of saying she's the one
that knows her way around my day
my songs and everything I say
the best lines...

Looking through a plate glass window
seeing her the other side
is the greatest nitemare now that i could have
watching as she sails away
into some far and distant day
where i cannot be, and she must stay for all her life

All the lines are tangled in my heart
and what i say is far removed from smart
I'm running out of steam and hope
hanging from a well-used rope
it's tangled...

What's the hour mean to me
One more small minute in a world
not designed for me to see too clear
where the time gets shorter still
where the gentle slope's a hill
and the dreams grow old and unfulfilled

I can't think in straight lines anymore etc.

© John Close 2002 music and lyrics