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1st December 2002

This one rambles away happily and heavily! Full explanation in the notes,


The Weeping Nightmare

The film stars Tom Cruise and Betty Davis as John and Marge, an unsuspecting young couple who decide to get away from the hustle and bustle of Cairo.

They rent a mansion for the late autumn near the sleepy New England town town of Stony Stratford, where they slowly realize that they are being haunted by a unimaginable terror from beyond this world.

They eventually fall under the demonic spell of the unspeakable monster and amid an atmosphere of mounting horror, terror and confusion they are subjected to hideously prolonged tortures, floggings and rapes ("Can you hold that bit, Cecil? I'm on the phone to Disney at the moment") but it all turns out OK in the end, really. I mean, Denzel Washington plays a really nice priest, and Al Pacino plays chief torch-bearer - "Whadda ya say we boin the place to da ground, huh?"

Some backing from major companies is expected, Pepsi are planning to promote it through McDonalds with the slogan "I'd rather have a Diet Pepsi than narcolepsy".

John Close November 2002.