John Close - music / midi
white sheet of paper - © John Close & Dee Black 2002

Email to LnM

4th March 2002

Thank you for a spiffing weekend! I'm a bit tatered from it but at this stage the stairs are still a challenge rather than a nightmare. Thanks especially for taking some of the crap out of my room here. I think you missed something tho, I appear to be still here ho ho ho.

Started work on Dee Black's lyrics tonight. I suspect from the tone of her email that I am once again dealing with underage females but what the hell? A man's gotta do... and I do like her lyrics. We shall see what she thinks of what I've done.
Attached is my midi and her text.

For now,

(this one i see as the chorus slow and almost lethargic, contrasting with upbeat alive verses)

white sheet of paper

ate a bowl of chicken soup
sippin raspberry tea
sittin in the restaurant
just wanna go to sleep
shiny metal teapot
reflects hand holdin pen
carpet holds the shadow of
the slatted wooden bench

white sheet of paper
i'm so sleepy tonight
pen yearnin in my tired hand
i don't know what to write

soggy red teabag
as if it had been dancin all night
collapsed over on the
saucer smooth ceramic white
pink liquid seepin
slowly sensuously
from the teabag to the saucer
and its so fascinating


poster on the wall by me
"boulevard of broken dreams"
on a wetnight city street
hands in his pockets, jimmy dean
step into the picture
walkin with him out there
tinglin from the moisture
of the wetnight city air


©2002 John Close music/Dee Black lyrics