John Close - music / tangent

This zip file contains my latest Tangent compositions. The accent is still on orchestral sounds and melodies.

In the latest, "the direction of" - pretentious title, I couldn't resist it - I have experimented with breaking up the beat pattern, which produces greater variety of rhythm. In this case a pattern of hhqqeeee is reduced by -50 to start, thus giving an eighth note rhythm to the first two periods. Reduction by -25 brings in the quarter notes. Reducing by 50 gives us the halves and quarter notes, and finally 25 percent reduction leaves only the halves, at which point (periods 6 and 7) Tangent completely takes over my original idea and produces a gorgeous tune by itself, and at this juncture I express my thanks once again to Paul
Whalley but happily collect the royalties...

The composition ends, as all well-rounded tunes should do, with a return to the original tune.

Interesting to note that those compositions with strong melodies ("Tuddford Morris" and "Sundial") Tangent reduces to shreds - or at least the parameters which I set up do. Variety is the spice, you might say.

John Close
18th March 2000.