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Nick Rabson explains the origins of Tangle

"I mentioned that I had a very early solo recording of John playing Tangle in my living room (a day or so after he had written it on the 3rd of September 1996). I was completely overwhelmed when John told me he had written a song for me, and even more overwhelmed when he played it.

In the recording, John is playing Tangle in the key of G, however, he transposed the attached manuscript into C, as he knew that would be the best key for my voice. John then taught me the ‘twiddley bits’ which, in my opinion, is part of the hallmark of his genius. Obviously, Tangle is my favourite of John’s songs but I particularly love the purity of hearing just John and his guitar in this rendition. I couldn’t find this version of Tangle on John’s website so I’ve attached it for you, just in case it somehow fell down the cracks."