From Friday April 4th 1873

SUICIDE OF A MARRIED WOMAN.-This morning, at about 8 o'clock, it was discovered that Ann Wardropper, fifty years of age, who lived with her husband, John Wardropper, a steamboatman, in John Street, Sunderland, had committed suicide. It is said she had been in a low state of mind for some time past, although she was in good spirits when last seen by her neighbours last night. Her husband went out to his boat in the course of the night, and when a neice of Mrs Wardropper, a girl of about ten years, went upstairs, in accordance with custom, to light her aunt's (deceased's) fire, about eight o'clock, she found her hanging by the neck to one of the posts of the four post bed, which stood in a corner of the room. She was dressed, and appeared to have moved off the bed. She was suspended by a short muffler, which was fastened to the top rail of the bed. The neighbours were at once alarmed, and Police Sergeant Harding was called in. The officer at once cut the woman down, but although her body was quite warm, she was dead.

From The Sunderland Times, April 8th 1873

THE SUICIDE OF A MARRIED WOMAN IN SUNDERLAND.-On Saturday, Mr Maynard, coroner, held an inquest at the Clarendon Hotel, High Street, respecting the death of Ann Wardropper, fifty years of age, of John-street, who was found on Friday morning suspended by a short muffler, which was fastened to the top rail of her bed. Full details of the case have already appeared in the Times. In proof that the deceased was insane when she committed the act, it was stated at the inquest that ever since she had suffered from a fever, her mind had been in a low state. A verdict finding that she destroyed herself whilst labouring under temporary insanity was returned.

From the Sunderland Herald Friday April 11th 1873

SUICIDE OF A WOMAN.-Yesterday morning  [sic] a woman named Ann Wardropper, fifty years of age, wife of an engineman living in John-street, Sunderland, was found hanging by a muffler from a bed-post. The deceased was very eccentric in her habits, and had manifested symptoms of insanity.

From the Newcastle Courant, Friday April 11th 1873

On Saturday an inquest was held at Sunderland on the body of Ann Wardropper, aged 50, who was found hanging to a bedpost in her house, in John Street, on Friday morning. The evidence went to show that deceased was suffering from the effects of a recent attack of fever, and the jury returned a verdict to the effect that she hung herself whilst in a state of temporary mental derangement.