Edward Thompson CLOSE ('Ted') became a long distance lorry driver after the War during which he built Lancaster Bombers before seeing active service in East Africa.  He and Isobel Norah LAMB ('Bunty') met in a military hospital in north Wales where Bunty was nursing during the war. They were married on the 4th December 1943 at the Church of the Holy Ascension, Upton, Cheshire. Ted died on 4th February 1996 at Stoke Mandeville Hospital following surgery to remove a section of twisted and gangrenous bowel: he never properly recovered from the anaesthetic and died in the intensive care ward seven days after the operation.

Edward Thompson Close (1915)       Isobel Norah Lamb

These photos were taken at around the time they were married. This is a picture taken on their honeymoon in North Wales.

Children of Edward Thompson CLOSE and Isobel Norah LAMB
Born Married and otherwise Divorced Died Descendants
Isobel Margaret 5th September 1944 William Ronald WHELLAMS 14th February 2004   1 child
John Steven 24th September 1947 Elizabeth Anne RICHARDS nee DAVIS   26th May 2003
Lesley Mary 2nd November 1956 Michael John CONNOLLEY     1 child