Diving In Water
John Close and Catherine Clarke
Written by John Close 2001
This version recorded 2001

Written during my stay in hospital in February 2001. While I was in there I started writing songs again for the first time in a while, and I'd sit in the day room hunched over my PC notebook with headphones on, humming the tunes to myself with the lyrics on the screen while the midi backing played. This backing is straight out of the program Band In A Box, I liked it just the way it was.

should be like diving in water
you know what you believe
should show you reason and laughter
and set you free, set you free

above the plains and the river
the sands run back to the sea
presents a season in heaven
these things will be, these things will be

Diving in water
The plains and the river
time and the season
Hope with good reason

in good time life is changing
the world what's the deal
the light that streams through the stained glass
says love is real, says love is real

(break based on verse)

Diving in water
Life is still changing
Hoping in season
time and the river
Diving in water
Diving in water