Living In Darkness
Written by John Close 23/5/1986
This version recorded 1994

One of my best songs, written for a friend who was going through tough times. This is a version done with the QY20 sequencer for the backing, one of the first tracks I did in this way, in 1994.

It is never too late to change
And it's never too early to find
Change running backwards
To the last world that you knew.
You were aways the one who showed me
Not to run from the past
And let the tears and the tides of emotion
Rise up and drown me.
Now you are the one who is falling apart
In danger of driving the dagger deep in your own heart

Though you're living in darkness today
I will still be your friend
And you'll have to find harsh words to say
To drive me away.
Though you feel that your sadness won't end
There will soon come a day
When you'll get back to living again
and I'll still be your friend.

As I walk through the streets of this town
I see people whose lives are strung out
Further than yours,
Further than we could know.
In this world they are always alone
But when you need someone, turn to me
I'll be there by your side
And I'll not let you go.
Though you say that this life's handed you a bad deal
It's no worse than the rest of us
Caught twixt the dream and what's real

Though you're living in darkness today etc.,