The Streets
Written byJohn Close 1983

The Streets - what a name. Alan Kelly on bass and Dick Laing on drums. We didn't quite take the world of rock music by storm, more a kind of fine drizzle. Some of the songs I wrote were OK, but they soon got dropped in order to play safe, please the punters, get the gigs. We turned into a covers band.

We used to play the BBC bar at the Open University campus (Dick and Alan both worked for the BBC), Woughton Campus on Sundays and The Vaults in Stony Stratford, as well as anything else that turned up, pubs, weddings. It was fun but I was already 30-something and the sheer drudgery of setting up, taking down, carrying round loads of gear was very little fun.

I thought I knew all of the angles
this one's a little acute
a small frog in a big pond
chasing after a newt
you got the pride, I got the glory
let's make this a true love story

Slowfire, keep burning down
slowfire, you'll come around to desire
keep burning down, slowfire

As nervous as a kitten
walking on soft boiled eggs
I've lost my sense of rhythm
lost the use of my legs
well if you got the chills
that won't stop me being a true believer

I thought I knew all of the angles
this one's a little sharp
coming too fast around the corner
well, it caught me by the heart
if you got the hope I got the crosby
let's make this as good as it could be...