John Close and Catherine Clarke
Written byJohn Close 3rd Sept 1996
This version recorded 1998

Catherine Clarke and myself met in 1996, started doing music together and called ourselves "Firefly". "Tangle" was written for my chum Nick Rabson, who was teetering on the brink of falling in love when I wrote it in 1996. One from my personal top ten, though this backing doesn't do it justice. The QY20 is drumming away in the background, the chords and lead are from a Yamaha PSR keyboard (I love Yamaha, me), the bass is a "real" electric one.

Tangle your life in love
Prove to yourself you're alive
Blessings from up above
For some people don't arrive
Yet despite all the doubt
Sometimes these things work out
Tangle your life, it's what life is all about

Giving your heart away
Could be just right for you
Finding a brand new day
Is what we all long to do
So often we hide from it all
And don't hear the real world call
Tangle your life and listen to the sweet rain fall

Cos when you talk to her about the way that things could be
All the feelings that get locked up inside
Tend to be so stifled, they've got nowhere to go
And you want to tear your heart open wide

Your heart is taking flight
She's on a different plane
Is it a trick of the light
Or the way she speaks your name
History says you'd be wrong
But your heart is saying go on
Tangle your life in love and worry 'bout it later on

Cos when the chips are down you'd be a fool to walk
From a table where the wheel spins just for you
Sometimes it seems there's nothing left but wind and rain
And it's hard to tell the stories from what's true