What The Days Are For
John Close and Catherine Clarke
Written by John Close 23rd February 1998  Revised 27th Feb 1998
This version recorded 1998

The tune comes first, it did when I wrote it, a happy laidback ragtimey sort of song. The pretentious voiceover is absolutely essential to prevent the song from sounding like a Sesame Street item.

One heart, alone
One dream that's turning to stone
Grey sky that holds a cloud

you drive, through rain
Can't find the way, can't remember your name
locked out, locked up inside

You can waste your time
running through your history
but you can't make life shine
when no one's round to help you make it
you feel older then
the years bear down like leaden weights
you stand still and watch
as they wash out the hopes unborn yet

you know, somewhere
there is a world only two can share
you've heard that song before


How the view can change
to something rich and rare and strange
the distant mountain range
is suddenly the climb you're making
then the world becomes
the oyster where you've found the pearl
that was not the world
you saw when you were sad and lonely

this day, this hope
it's like a drug in your system
you're hooked on the positive

this life, this love,
this world is more than enough
now you've found the way to live

You'll go on from here
to find the world where dreams can shine
Bright as any smile
you share with someone you're in love with
Now you can believe
the rain's not going to last forever
there'll be sunny skies
if you can keep your act together

Two hearts, two loves
two white clouds rolling above
this must be what the days are for