Sydney Richard LAMB and Mabel Mary NORRIS were married on the 6th of June 1914 at St Peter's Church, Leicester.

Sydney Richard Lamb      Mabel Mary Norris

These lovely pictures were taken in the early years of the 20th century.
While 'Pop' looks almost Dickensian and very serious in his studio portrait, 'Nonny' is being very daring and wearing trousers while on a camping and boating holiday...

Children of Sydney Richard LAMB and Mabel Mary NORRIS
Born Married Died Descendants
Margaret Patricia 17th March 1915 Cliff POOLE 2000 3 children
Isobel Norah 5th November 1916 Edward Thompson CLOSE   3 children
Kenneth David Arnold 11th April 1918 Inez Marie Olivia PAGE   1 child