William ROSEBRIDGE (that's how the name now appears), a labourer, and Caroline COLEGATE (widow of a man called BATT) were married on 17th April 1840 at Cuxton in Kent.  Bush, where they were living when their second child was born, is a beautiful hamlet towards the top of the hills to the West of the village of Cuxton.

Children of  William ROSEBRIDGE and Caroline COLEGATE
Born Married Died Descendants
Robert 24th August 1841, Cuxton
Eliza 18th March, 1843, Bush, Cuxton 28/5/1843, Cuxton
Caroline 1844, Cuxton
Rose Anna 1847, Cuxton
Mary Anne 1849, Cuxton 1853
William 1851, Cuxton 4/11/1853, Cuxton

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