Marge in England

15th January - Leaving the USA

Leave our house about 1:00pm...then to the airport.
Flight leaves Pittsburgh at 4:53pm arrives Chicago at 5:25pm.
Depart Chicago at 8:00pm, Flight AA46 and arrive Heathrow Airport at 10:05am (UK time)
Welcomed by Michael & Lesley and leave for Milton Keynes and my hotel by Willen Lake
16th January - Arriving in England
Marge touched down at 9.44am at Heathrow and said "I was very glad to land"
Waiting for Marge at Heathrow Airport
Marge in Amersham
Marge's Hotel at Willen Lake
Marge and John work on a new song

18th January - Marge in London
Left the Travel Inn at 9.30, caught a train to Euston for a day's sightseeing in London

21st January - Leaving Milton Keynes
Said goodbye to John and left with Lesley and Michael to spend the night in Amersham
Marge and John say Goodbye
Marge, Lesley, Michael and Cathy enjoying a meal in Old Amersham
22nd January - Leaving England
Leave Amersham at 9.30am for Heathrow Airport.
Depart Heathrow at 1.55pm, flight AA47 and arrive Chicago 4.35pm (US time).

Leave Chicago at 7.28pm, flight 4345 and arrive Pittsburgh at 9.56.
Michael and Marge in Starbucks, Heathrow
The PB People t-shirt at Heathrow Airport
Bye Marge
American Airlines plane departing Heathrow
Weather in Milton Keynes
Weather in Pittsburgh