John LAVENDER, born in Ireland in 1822, married Sarah TURNER, born in 1826 at Tuxford, Nottinghamshire. The ceremony was held at the Parish Church in Chesterfield on the 12th of April 1847.

John's father was Peter LAVENDER, a shepherd, born in 1787, possibly in Sligo, Ireland. Peter died on 11 August 1864 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Sarah's father was Aaron Turner. John and Sarah had at least seven children.

  Born/Baptised Married Died Desc
Mary Ann Michael LYNCH
John 1851 Mary Ann COOPER
Isabella 1851
Aaron Turner 1 October 1855 Anne/Hannah MORLEY 1 January 1901
Alice 1 March 1859, Sheffield Michael CONNOLLY 22 October 1928
Thomas 1862
Patrick 1866 Sarah Ann JACKLIN 6 June 1892
Edward 11 September 1869 1870
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