A great deal of mystery surrounds the Noakley side of our family - the whole line seems to have disappeared. We did find a report concerning a Bridget Noakley in the South Manchester Evening Chronicle for 2 October 1896. Whether she is our Bridget Noakley is uncertain.

A Row at Reddish — At the Manchester City Police Court on Tuesday, Bridget Noakley, of Francis-street, South Reddish, was charged with assaulting Bridget McDermott, of Francis-street, Reddish. The complainant's story was that on the 21st of September she sent her sister for a pint of ale, and about ten minutes later she found her in the street being assaulted by the defendant. The complainant interfered, and the defendant , after calling her foul names, struck her on the face, giving her a black eye. — Complainant's sister spoke to the defendant's thumping her in the face and to dragging handfuls of hair out of her head. — Mr. Cobbett (who was for the defence) denied the assault, and said that on the Saturday before the 24th the complainant called at the house of the defendant and created a bother, and had to be pushed out. On the Monday the defendant was standing at her door when the complainant it was said threw a jug of ale in her face, and in the general row which ensued, half a dozen women being engaged, the complainant was struck by her sister on the face with a jug. — The Bench fined the defendant 2s. 6d. and costs.

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