John Close - music

first recording - John playing trumpet with the Sasoon Band in 1967
70s and 80s - early recordings from the 1970s and '80s
90s - John's later tunes
midi - a collection of John's midi files with occasional notes and lyrics
marge - just twenty of the many songs resulting in John's collaboration with lyricist/singer Marge McKinnis from Pennsylvania
firefly - songs from John and Cathy Clarke's partnership as Firefly
peggy - eight songs recorded by John's friend, Peggy Allin
small steps - a real bundle of fun: remixed tunes from June 2001
tangent - John was an alpha tester for Paul Whalley's music creation program
and finally - probably John's last tune

John's cds

lights - August 2001
pharmacy how time slips away - October 2001
persistence - October 2001
nightfall - guitar-based tunes from November 2002
no door marked exit - midi music from December 2002
12 things uort 2no - John's final cd, given to friends at his farewell party at Willen Lake on 24th May 2003

John's Christmas tune - play