John Close - music / 90s

madonna and child and me

Madonna and child and me
We used to go shopping on Saturday
We used to go to Tesco's
And Rabbit liked the car ride, too
We weren't quite an icon
For the Holy Family
But there were times we'd laugh
In the aisle for canned pet food

The picture it got torn in two
And now life's only half a life
It seemed so easy saying
It's not working anymore
The guy upstairs says Hear those bastards
on their motorbikes last night
[The guy upstairs asks me
Anything good on the horses]
[The guy upstairs says Arsenal
Should win again at Villa]
I say I've still got a photograph
In the back of the kitchen drawer

Madonna and child and me
We used to watch the Flintstones
Used to go to the playground
Even one time went to the fair
But we weren't quite squeaky clean
And she would never fight back
And bars are all the lonelier
Because someone's not there

Madonna and child and new man
Get along quite cheerfully
He's got a job in Luton
Selling cars over the phone
I pick up the baby
From play school Friday lunch
And keep her until Sunday
At a flat ten miles from home

words and music by John Close early july 1994
©1994 John Close