John Close - music / 90s

the lane you're in

If I had a brain to lose
I would surely lose it
But with all the years and booze
God knows if I'd know it
If I had a golden thread
I would break it some way
Had some luck in '83
So much for yesterday

The car is new, the tank is full
The radio plays a happy song
You're on the right roundabout
but the lane you're in is wrong

I have scoured the heavens
Found no trace of God
But people disagree with me
And all I do is nod
I'm a fool for speaking up
I'd be a fool for staying quiet
Sitting on the fence is great
Come up here and try it.

Life is short, Art is long
You won't find too much in this song
Dreams are best enjoyed at night
Wrong is the opposite of right
So much for homely wisdom
It sounds good at the time
Don't listen too much to it, though
It's the blind leading the blind!

Had a girl whose hair was gold
Helped her spend her money
Got a boss who's 23
Likes to call me sonny
Got a great philosophy
Got it from a Quaker
World's all mad 'cept you and me
And you're a mickey-taker.

I need a beer, I need a rest
I Need a house in Gloucester
All I've got is a hat and a coat
And a pulse that's running faster
Smiling faces sometimes appear
They are pure nostalgia
Reality's the neighbourhood
Where everyone's a stranger

If I had Bob Dylan's wealth
I know I could spend it
If I cracked somebody's smile
Pretty soon I'd mend it
I was born to raise the roof
I was raised on candy
Candy Man done bin and gone
That's just fine and dandy

words and music by John Close
©1994 John Close