John Close - music / tangent

24th February 2000

Hi there,
Attached are a couple of zip files with some work I've done in Tangent lately. The space music files are done for the third contest the Tangentusers held, having heard the opposition's efforts I think I stand a fairly good chance. The brief compositions are only 30 seconds long but the "brief romance" is rather pleasant. If you simply click on the .mid files
Windows Media Player should deal with them, but if you want to examine them more closely you'll need to open Tangent and use "Load Composition" which will load the .cmp file and if you use the multimedia controls, play the midi file for you. Not for the faint-hearted, messing around with Tangent. I celebrate a year of using Paul Whalley's programs, QFC and Tangent, this
month. Hope you are well. I am getting by at Cable and Wireless but hoping to get a permanent job soon, maybe even at C&W, it's not that bad a place after all!

For now,

markham 3