John Close - music / tangent

The compositions in this zip file were done during the latter part of March 2000. They are all original tunes which have been treated in Tangent. They are all mercifully short.

rhapsod2 - a very short beatstring, hardly a tune, but producing some rhapsodic music. This is the second version of this piece.

sundial2 - again a second version, this time of a more complete tune. I play this on the guitar and have actually done a bridge as well, here I use Melodic Material and Beat Pattern Reduce % to let Tangent write a second tune for me!

processional - a folksy tune with a marching feel. No variation in the tune here, but I do use incremental values in Compositional Device Probability to decorate the tune with trills and glissandos from a couple of harps I happened to have lying around...

realms beyond - I did two compositions and put them in a zip package called "the art of", together with an explanation of the compositional techniques, for other Tangent users to hopefully get inspiration from. Having done that I returned to one of them, "realm of the possible", and changed the tune, which made it ten times better.
I have used incremental Melodic Material values to get further away from the main tune before returning to it at the end.

majestic curve - it's not a curve, but whatever. Tangent creates a second tune by simply changing Melodic Material from 0 to 1.

andy's morris - An old tune of mine, three-four years old. (Most of these compositions are recent tunes, where tunes of any substance are involved). Dedicated to my old chum Andy Malleson of Bow Brickhill.

swansong - Illustrates again the use of setting Melodic Material from 0 to 1 to produce a second tune. Also demonstrates, sadly, Tangent's lack of a second octave in writing melody strings, the tune leaps around quite oddly in the last few bars.

malleson - The other old tune, about ten years old, dedicated to not only Andy but the entire Malleson family, who have been very good to me over the years. This was an absolute swine to set in Tangent, too many notes and too many oddities of timing. With something as fiddly as this I use Notepad and build the beatstring a piece at a time, testing each section in Tangent before putting it all together.

hart fell - named after a place in Scotland. Events get wilder as the Melodic Material values increase as well as the Compositional Device Probability parameter.

king john his gavotte - there comes a time when a man's gotta be a complete egotist in naming his tunes and this is my shining hour |-) Probably not a gavotte but very much court music of the Henry The 8th type. As with "andy's morris" it's amazing what Tangent does with tunes just by setting a few numbers.

John Close
Milton Keynes, England
March 2000.